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Жить каждый день, и этот день — СЕГОДНЯ

  История от Натальи Мелиховой, Канада

You can trust only to people who can help you for nothing in return that is how God loves us for nothing in return (unknown author).

I’ve attended the first AA meeting in the Douglas Recreation Centre, in Langley, BC.It was the evening session. I came a little bit earlier, and was able to see a man in the hall, who was waiting the same session. I’ve asked the receptionist about the AA meeting, and she said to me, that she is ready to open the door, in one of the room, on the first floor. A gentlemen, and I followed to her, and we have entered the room. «-Hi, I am Dan», the man said, and smiled. «-Hi, I am Natalia», answered I. «-Natalia?»»-You are welcome, nice to meet you here». So, I’ve met the first member of the AA group.

Sooner after the other people started to come into the room, and to greet each other, and a very tall man entered the room, I could feel right a way his charisma and charm, he smiled to everyone and greeted all of us. I understood that he is a head of this group, and was right in my assumption. His name was Daniel. He started to prepare a tea, and a coffee, and welcome people. The room reminded me the meetings on Sunday’s afternoons at the Church, where people are gathering together after the service.

The session started sharply at 5:30 pm, as it was scheduled. There were 10 man, and 5 women, we were sitting in the circle, and I could feel friendly and supportive atmosphere in the room. Everybody was welcomed. Daniel, a chair of the group, (recovering alcoholic), started the session, he passed the 12 steps, and 12 promises to different people to read out loud. In the beginning John was a reader of the 12 steps. Daniel suggested 3 following topics for this session:


(2)One day at a time

(3)Working with others

He started to ask around who is willing to talk on those topics and people started to talk. He noticed that I am a new person here, and asked my name, and introduced me to the group, all people said to me:»You are welcome, Natalia».

Loretta, shared with people about her experience of daily forgiveness, Daniel gave to her a book:»Daily reflections», she started to read some of those reflections, and applied it to her daily life experience. She said that this spiritual book helps her lot to improve her own life style and to change hew own view to the life, and to struggle with the alcoholism.

She brought some examples of how she was irritated by something, and someone at work environment, and was trying to follow to those reflections and 12 steps from the AA program. She said that she was very grateful to this program, since it teaches her the spiritual steps, and through these steps she is experiencing God’s love and power.

Another man and women started to share about their own experience, and how forgiveness, and one day at a time approaches, and working with others help them to grow spiritually and personally. Daniel mentioned that working with others is very powerful, since when you are helping to someone, someone else will help you, when you need a help, and this is a part of the life’s philosophy.

Daniel mentioned about the coming anniversaries, someone is willing to make a Birthday cake, Christmas cake. In the end John read 12 promises, and we all stand up and we held hands in a circle, and prayed to God for a help.After the session people came to me and all of them welcomed me to the group, I felt welcomed, they all were very friendly to me, and smiled, and shacked my hands. I had a very good impression and feeling.

People, who believe in God are very rich inside, they inner world as an ocean, very deep, with the barely seen horizons.People, who attend AA meeting grow personally, and spiritually, they overcome their own limits, they experience a great help of Higher Power.

A second meeting was in a different place in » Alano» Club, in Langley, it was scheduled during the weekend day, there were 40 people,10 women,30 men.The structure of the meeting was pretty the same, only different topics were suggested for a discussion:

-ABC’s spirituality, (i.e. nevertheless to the fact that people who came to the session are  in their middle life stage, they are taking the first steps in spirituality)

-helping to each other

Men and women shared their own experience, how God helps them to grow spiritually, and the faith in God give them a peace to their mind, step by step they are spiritually growing, and experiencing God’s love and huge power, they overcome their own limits. Some people even brought their children, grandchildren to this meeting. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive.

I’ve learned that alcoholism is an illness, alcoholics cannot control their drinking, because they are ill in their bodies and in their minds, emotions. A is a worldwide fellowship of men and women who help each other to stay sober. They offer the same help to anyone who has a drinking problem and wants to do something about it. Since they are all alcoholics themselves, they have a special understanding of each other. They know what the illness feels like-and they have learned how to recover from it in AA.

When I left this place, I felt I missed something there; I missed those people, who for such short period of time found a place in my heart. I felt very privileged to be among these people, who are opened their hearts to God, and He is accepted them right a way, with all His sincere love, and empathy, and a great help, which give to people strengths, and hope, and open new horizons in the very dark days of human life.

-My impression of those who spoke.

Very strong and friendly people, who are willing to change their life, and struggle with the alcoholism, and to overcome their own limits.


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5 комментариев для 'Жить каждый день, и этот день — СЕГОДНЯ':

    25 января, 2008 | 12:10

    Перевод будет в книге, ссылку здесь обязательно дам. Дело в том, что у автора нет русской клавиатуры 🙁 Но на этом несложном тексте можно попрактиковаться в изучении английского 🙂

    25 января, 2008 | 06:24

    Можно было и на русском написать. Даже странно, уже несколько комментариев, а статьи на русском нет 🙁

    7 января, 2008 | 10:30

    И мне кажется, что важно не просто написать что-то, а быть понятым. Тем более, когда делишься историей, которая, возможно, сможет помочь другим людям! И будет жаль, если данная история останется просто истрией, смысл который многим не понятен.

    7 января, 2008 | 10:24

    Наталья, переведите, пожалуйста, свою статью на русский язык. Я пока не очень-то сильна в английском. А нормально почитать Вашу статью, вчитываясь не в слова, а в смысл, очень хотелось бы.
    Очень жду.

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